Tag Heuer Replica Watches - http://www.metsu.co.uk/
Tag Heuer Replica Watches – http://www.metsu.co.uk/

Cara Delevingne and Tag Heuer Replica Watches raised $28,900 that will go toward Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), one of the largest conservation research institutes in the world.

The organization was in the spotlight recently during the recent killing of Cecil the Lion by American dentist Walter J. Palmer, when the world learned that WildCRU researchers had been tracking the lion since 2008.

Moved by the killing of Cecil, Delevingne, a Tag Heuer Replica ambassador, auctioned her personal Tag Heuer Replica Signature Edition Carrera watch on eBay, raising $14,430 for the organization. The Swiss luxury watch brand matched the winning bid to raise a combined $28,900, Tag Heuer Replica said in a statement.

Previously worn by Delevingne on many occasions, including the Monaco F1 Grand Prix, the 22-year-old English fashion model and actress auctioned her personal watch ahead of its release to the market in September. The 41 mm steel case has a titanium-carbide coating and an anthracite dial. The bezel is set with 72 round white diamonds. It is engraved with “Cara Delevingne Edition” and stamped on the back with a lion’s head. The strap is aged black calfskin. The signature of Cara Delevingne is stamped in rose gold inside the strap.

Delevingne, an outspoken critic of Palmer, the dentist and amateur big game hunter who killed Cecil, initiated the auction to support WildCru.org. The donation will contribute to the organization’s in-depth study of lion movements through satellite trackers, support of field equipment and staff, and training future conservationists.

Delevingne’s passion for lions is evident through her lion tattoo on her finger, which is prominently shown on a Tag Heuer Replica Watches Uk advertisement.

“Little did we think that this morning we would be opening our emails to discover that Cara was auctioning her watch (with a lion inscribed on its face) to raise money for WildCRU’s research,” David Macdonald, WildCRU’s director, wrote on the WildCRU website, after first learning about the auction on August 6. “It is also a wonderful educational opportunity to think that Cara’s gift will introduce our work to the millions of people who follow her globally, and who we hope will come to appreciate the importance of wildlife and the environment to their futures.”

Omega Replica Uk - http://www.metsu.co.uk/
Omega Replica Uk – http://www.metsu.co.uk/

Holt Construction has completed its project at Brookfield Place, creating the new flagship retail space for Omega Replica. As both companies have nearly a century of experience providing excellence to clients in their respective fields, Holt and Omega Replica created a partnership and a beautiful space to highlight the products. This high-end retail facility required extra attention and care by the project’s team to ensure that the quality and design associated with Omega Replica’s brand was maintained. The site included a 1,500 s/f space and required the use of custom materials to achieve Omega Replica’s specific design. Holt took extra care to achieve the ambiance that Omega Replica desires for its customers who seek both high quality watches and superior customer service. The refined excellence reflected in Omega Replica’s products is mirrored in the construction, design, and materials of their flagship store.

Holt’s team included Alexandria Perotti as the project executive, Marissa Vrankovic as the project manager, Peter Rondash as the general superintendent, and Jeff Correia as the project superintendent. These four, along with the others that worked on the site and behind the scenes, achieved the client’s objective. The space was completed on time in order for the retail location to be fully functional and serving customers by March of 2015. The expertise demanded by this job offered Holt an opportunity to use the project management skills that its employees have obtained through a number of experiences in the industry.

Omega Replica - http://www.metsu.co.uk/
Omega Replica – http://www.metsu.co.uk/

Founded in 1919, Holt has the background and the know-how to exceed expectations on a project like Omega Replica Uk that requires strict management and precise skills. Using these capabilities, Holt completed the project within the set parameters while also creating a space that accurately reflects the brand and demonstrates Holt’s aptitude in its field.

Omega Replica’s flagship location demonstrates the expansion of the company’s high-end luxury brand into Lower Manhattan from its Midtown location. The $2 million project was part of the renovations of Brookfield Place that will reach about $300 million in total.1 Omega Replica and Brookfield Place’s expansion also demonstrates the overall rejuvenation of the Financial District, which Holt is proud to have been a part of, especially having served the New York area for almost 100 years.

Hublot Replica Watches - http://www.metsu.co.uk/
Hublot Replica Watches – http://www.metsu.co.uk/

Hublot replica’s presence in the UAE has been expanding over the past few years thanks to the hard work of Regional Director Marco Tedeschi. The young executive has expertly utilized social media to connect to young watch enthusiasts and grow the brand’s clout in the area. Tedeschi’s approach has transformed Hublot replica into a big player in the Middle East. We sat down with the Regional Director at Baselworld to talk about the brand’s successful watch launches.

What’s your position in the UAE and what do you do for Hublot replica?
I’m a regional director for Hublot replica in the Middle East and Africa. I’m also looking after Indian Ocean countries. My goal is to apply the strategy of the brand in the Middle East.

You’ve launched limited edition pieces in Dubai, Qatar and Kuwait. Tell us about the process.
Those limited editions are very important to our partners and us because people in the Middle East are very proud of their countries. There is a really huge demand for such limited editions. We started three or four years back with our retailer in Dubai, Mr. Ahmed Seddiqi himself, and we created a watch we called ‘The Vision,’ featuring Arabic numerals.

And how many pieces were made?
It was a limited edition of 100 pieces. People are still trying to buy if for five times its retail price, which means it really is something special. More recently, we did the Classic Fusion Dubai edition, and that one was 50 pieces for men and 25 pieces for women. The only way we promoted that watch was via social media and it was sold out in two days.

You also proved the Middle East could serve as a launching pad for other replica watches such as the Classic Fusion Forbidden X, a watch made with Arturo Fuente cigars….
I’m very proud of this one. I worked on the design of the watch, and it was an honor to have the international launch in Dubai. We flew Mr. Carlos Fuente Jr. into Dubai and we created a little Havana at the best hotel in Dubai, The Palm. It was amazing because my clients in Dubai were telling me: “We feel most comfortable smoking cigars in Cuba.” That was the concept behind the launch, and we sold 20 watches during an event with only 60 to 80 people. Now that’s a success.

What are your favorite pieces launched by Hublot replica watches this year?
It’s always difficult to pick only one. I love the new Big Bang UNICO Italia Independent because it introduces a new material, a new style, and comes with cool sunglasses. The blue Texalium is something stunning and different from what is currently on the market. I also love the Big Bang Unico “10 years” Haute Joaillerie, and sold two immediately out of the ten pieces released, so that’s quite good for me.

Did the Big Bang Ferrari Carbon get the same reaction?
Ferrari is an amazing brand, and one of their biggest markets is the Middle East. All of my friends in the Middle East drive a Ferrari, and of course, they like to match their watch with their car.

Now that you know what the 2015 collection looks like, what will you be turning your attention to?
My biggest challenge will be to deliver the latest novelties as quick as possible. It’s always a big challenge.