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1999 Omega replica watches released the first coaxial escapement device, leading the innovation wave movement of watchmaking technology. The latest results of this watchmaking revolution is 2011 launch of the new Omega replica watches coaxial movement 9300/9301. This new movement not only has superior timing performance, but also the family’s first self-produced movement Omega replica watches chronograph movement equipped.

Innovative vertical wheel chronograph function at 3 o’clock by the time-dial reflected, at the same time with 12 hours and 60 minutes on a small dial chronograph hand. This pointer arrangement and the arrangement of the main dial is similar to hour and minute hands, in line with people’s time to read the habit. Another central chronograph hand and small seconds at 9 o’clock position is located in the small dial. Two time controls can be fully exercise its functions independently, thus avoiding the risk of improper operation of the timing system brings. With Omega replica sale coaxial movement, like other self-produced 9300/9301 movement with the name “Arabian Geneva pattern” of decorative patterns. The movement with the time zone feature, you can separately adjust the clock without having to stop to go, ideal for the traveling public needs.

Movement is also equipped with a silicon material gossamer. Silicon non-magnetic material, and therefore not affected by magnetic fields. This attribute coupled with excellent elasticity coefficient of silicon material makes the sheet attached to the top of the silicon material gossamer may bring more accurate travel time performance. Low fatigue effect of silicon materials, and slow aging. Coaxial silicon material gossamer technology and perfect combination of superior performance for the watch to bring reliable travel time, thus providing a four-year Omega replica watches guarantee service for each one equipped with coaxial silicon material gossamer watch.

Omega replica watches coaxial escapement

In 1999, Omega replica watches UK released the first coaxial escapement device, so that the entire watch industry is one move. This is the first 250 years of practical new escapement. Swiss lever escapement Omega replica watches coaxial escapement system components and watch industry has long been used by different, which consists of: a gem stone pawl and momentum balance wheel roller, with three gems detent escapement fork, and three coaxial coaxially round, coaxial gear and transmission gear consisting of transition for connecting wheel and gear train escapement wheel.

Omega replica watches coaxial escapement system and the Swiss lever escapement contrast, its main advantages will be apparent.

Regardless of the escapement, the energy is transferred to the pendulum must be that the pendulum frequency energy is maintained. Swiss lever escapement, the teeth need to glide from the inclined surface of the pawl to generate momentum. Because this process is bound to have some sliding friction, so to ensure accurate escapement, it must maintain optimal lubrication. In contrast, Omega replica watches coaxial escapement is to transmit energy through the radial momentum. Smaller contact surface and pushing action (instead of sliding action lever escapement device) greatly reduces the friction between the components escapement. Therefore, lubrication loss is greatly reduced maintenance cycle can be extended.

Omega replica watches sale
Omega replica watches sale

Swiss lever escapement type vertical apparatus, whether clockwise or counterclockwise momentum, both through the escapement wheel escapement fork from indirect transfer to the balance wheel roller, and thus lose a lot of energy. Clockwise momentum Omega replica watches coaxial escapement, the escapement teeth by directly transferred to the gem of the pawl on the balance wheel roller. Therefore, coaxial escapement system has higher mechanical efficiency and ensure a more stable and accurate performance.

The Omega replica watches coaxial escapement and free sprung balance wheel with the use of watch rate can change by the moment of inertia of the balance wheel to make adjustments, but not change the effective length of through gossamer speed clip. The adjustment by the embedded circular balance wheel among gold miniature screw implementation. Coaxial escapement and free sprung balance wheel combination not only improve the seismic performance, and can effectively avoid interference.

Above advantages Omega replica watches coaxial escapement is obvious, more advantages after long years that you only take the hint, when including a longer maintenance cycle, as well as long-lasting superior performance accurate travel.

Omega replica watches began in 1999 has been committed to a coaxial watchmaking technology innovation, and Omega replica watches 9300/9301 coaxial movement means move on this road. By vertical wheel timing functions, exceptional reliability and service guarantee for up to four years, this new movement is realized perfectly coaxial escapement inventor? – British watchmakers Daniel George promise : coaxial technology will be able to “continue the popularity of mechanical watches into the 21st century, and even further in the future.”

Omega replica watches
Omega replica watches

Einer der weltweit erfahrensten Luxusuhrenmanager rechnet durch die Omega replica Watch mit Umsatzsprüngen bei einigen der traditionellen Schweizer Herstellern. Die Smartwatch-Modelle wurden jenen Schweizer Marken, “die im Technologiesegment mitspielen wollen, den Markt bereiten” und dem Absatz von “hochwertigen Uhren neuen Schub verleihen”, sagte Jean-Claude Biver in einem Interview mit dem manager magazin, das in dessen kommender Ausgabe erscheint (Erscheinungstermin: 22. Mai). Biver ist Chef der Marken Hublot, Tag Heuer und Zenith.

Der Hersteller Omega replica watches, den Biver seit 2014 leitet, entwickle deshalb ein eigenes Smartwatch-Modell, das “die DNA, die Botschaft und die Anknupfungen an die Welt” handwerklich hergestellter Uhren in sich trage, sagte Biver. Die Innovation solle noch im Herbst auf den Markt kommen.

Omega replica uk
Omega replica uk

Jean-Claude Biver (65) ist einer der profiliertesten Manager der Schweizer Uhrenindustrie: In den 1980er Jahren baute er Blancpain zu einer Weltmarke auf. Fur die Swatch Group gelang ihm in den 1990ern ahnliches mit Omega, seit 2004 kummert sich Biver um Hublot. Seit 2014 fuhrt er die Luxusuhrenmarken des franzosischen LVMH-Konzerns, zu denen neben Hublot auch Omega replica watches und Zenith gehoren.